Hey there, I'm Ahmed Magdi, Product Designer

I deeply care about every aspect of the product's life cycle, from the product strategy, business goals, branding, content strategy and user research to a final polished working solution that is usable and emotionally engaging.

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Expertise & Services

UX Strategy

I'll work with you towards a solid strategy to bring the most out of your product by defining the compass and the product roadmap based on business needs, project scope, and target audiences.

  • Product Research

  • Secondary Research

  • Competitive Research

  • Market Research

  • Product Strategy (SMEs)

User Research

Combining Qualitative and Quantitative user research techniques to deeply understand your target audience and bring true insights to the table. UX needs solid user research to really affect your business.

  • Planning User Research

  • Qualitative User Research

  • Analytics for UX

  • Usability Testing


OpenSpaces - Product Design
Don't waste your time searching for suitable places to work in, Imagine Google maps but focused only to help you find great coffee shops and public spaces to do work from.
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Shaping words for a pasta brand and transferring them into a unique conversational UX Copy for multiple scenarios, and for the most important task needed by the user: How to cook fresh pasta?
🔒 Eejaad - User Research
I went through the process and steps of planning and conducting user research to better understand how recruiters/agencies/companies in MENA are thinking about recruiting creative people and designers online.
Abo Shnab - Mobile IxD
Abo Shnab is an appointment, scheduling and reservation app that helps people easily reserve a date to get a haircut from a wide range of barbershops or requests an in-place haircut.
Payers Merchant - Web APP IxD
Taking you through my process for designing the look and feel for an evolving fintech product in MENA and How I upgraded the visual identity to meet today's requirements for a modern design system !
Uncle Mezaien - Character Design
Solving the problem with pixels! This is a project where I designed an illustration, character, and iconset for a digital app trying to tackle the problem of reservation at barbershops in Egypt.
🔒 Mawasm - eCommerce UI/UX
eCommerce sites are complicated and have their own type of experience with already established standards for interactions - which user is already familiar with. In this project, I studied eCommerce best practices, did a Heuristic Evaluation, and applied what I learned to a complicated souq.com-similar eStore that sells a variety of products for B2B and B2C customers.

Colorslab - Arabic blog about UX/UI

Since 2012, I started an Arabic blog about UX & UI to share what I learn every day about UX, with more than 100 published articles on topics: Photo UX, Dark Patterns, Eye Tracking ... etc. The blog turned to be one of the most respected readings in the Arabic UX community.

Colorslab - My Blog ↗︎