Ahmed Magdi
Product Designer

Freshalian Pasta

Shaping words for a pasta brand and transferring them into a unique conversational UX Copy for multiple scenarios, and for the most important task needed by the user: How to cook fresh pasta?

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing


Freshalian Pasta is an Italian fresh pasta brand, that sells value fresh pasta to customers through an online store.

The Challenge

Since fresh pasta requires different preparation than dry pasta, and most people don’t have as much experience cooking it, the results can vary with even the slightest changes which cause unpleasant and disappointing experiences for customers.

Freshalian Pasta team wants to make sure their mobile website offers clear, concise instructions that will help all customers prepare the pasta correctly using words that represent the soul of the brand and its backstory.

My Role

  • Research

  • Brand Tone & Voice

  • Personality and Principles

  • UX Writing for UI

Key Deliverables

  • Brand Persona

  • UX Writing Guidelines

  • UI Copy for Various Scenarios and Usages

  • A starting point for brand's Word Bank

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
My Process - Simplified*
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Initial Discovery

Stakeholder Interview

It was a documentary interview with the co-founder, A Friendly chat full of history and personal moments, and I tried to understand the brand from his perspective. This will help me shape the words in a way that meets his ambitions.

Current Content & Material Review

I did quality auditing of the current content, including Instagram posts, cooking instructions, founder story, WHY, and all content available on the main eCommerce website.

Brand's Personality & Principles
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing

Principle #1

Inform expert honest tone by simplifying the complex

“I Like It, I leave tomato skin”… With a personal expert taste and honest simple words, we describe how to use and cook our pasta in an ideal way.

Principle #2

Celebrating Italian culture, The time and place

A Little bit of Italian cooking culture, history, and geography - not in the teaching way. To give them a real experience of being in Italy. 

Principle #3

Full of life and energy with a little bit of unexpected!

We are youth and funny with a little bit of unexpected but isn't confusing, This is our human character side.

Principle #4

We value family and you are part of this family

“When Mamma said”… This comes directly from the founder and his childhood growth, A story of perfect pairing between his grandmother and grandfather.

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing

Brand Characteristics

Any brand is like a real human, with qualities and temperament that truly defines what it really is?

I analyzed all data collected in order to shape how can this brand will look like, and here are the characteristics that represent Freshaalian Pasta:

  • Unexpected

  • Optimism

  • Playful

  • Active

  • Lively

  • Youth

  • Funny

Personality Traits

  • Expert but not complicated

  • Sociable but not fawning

  • Vivacious but not babyish

  • Nostalgic but not a historian

Scheme of Personality Bias
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Voice and Tone by Scenario
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing


There was suspicious activity on the user’s account, so they need to reset their password before they can sign in.

User Emotions

  • Anxiety

  • Worried

  • Concern

  • Eager

Product (Our) Goal

Help the user know what happened and guide him to follow" reset password steps" so they can sign in.


  • Clear

  • Just to the Point

  • Calm

  • Reassuring

  • Helpful

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing


The user places their first order for a pasta package and receives a success message.

User Emotions

  • Happy

  • Excited

  • Looking Forward

  • What’s next?

Product (Our) Goal

Help user know the next step and any preparation needed based on the chosen package and set the delivery expectations


  • Energize Celebrating

  • Friendly

  • Unexpected

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing


Freshalian announces a new pasta package special for Father’s Day

User Emotions

  • What’s this?

  • Curiosity

  • Good memories

  • Is it suitable for me?

  • Celebrating

Product (Our) Goal

Inform the user what this package contains and the price.


  • Energize

  • Celebrating

  • Friendly

  • Authentic

Content Mining & Vocabulary list

After watching an interview with the founder of Freshalian Pasta, I found several useful words & phrases, Then I continued to conduct research from other sources to discover other useful words, phrases to collect all those data in one single source, I’ll use later on writing cooking instructions.

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Words & Phrases for Cooking Instructions
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing
Content-First Design for Cooking Instructions

Here is a wireframe for the cooking instruction screens, I split the instructions into two separate main titles “Before Starting” and “Cooking Steps”. 

Here I focused only on the content and how design influenced by the way content organized, Content first then design comes.

Other examples for microcopy in different scenarios

Next Steps …

I’ll continue to work on testing the content in the various scenarios and develop a content style guide for the brand.

Freshalian Pasta - UX Writing