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I'm a UX Designer and UI Designer with a decent background in Graphic Design. I've worked directly with small to big business and government sectors to build bridges between user needs and their business goals.

I deeply care about every aspect of the digital product, from the first product strategy, business development, branding, content strategy, user research, and testing to build a final polished working solution.

I'm extremely passionate about Product Design, User Research, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Writing for the web, Planning & Designing a web-based application and Mobile Apps with good knowledge about Front-End development enough to make me comfortable while sharing my ideas with developers, Side by side working with them to find ways to apply design decisions.

I worked on various projects ( From branding to illustration works, From Research to Product Launch) since I started my professional career back in 2009, as well as my added skills in Writing, I have the ability to see the whole picture for digital products and give the assistance needed in any stage.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahmedmagdi/

100 Days sketching for UX

I take the challenge to practice visual thinking and sketching (2 in 1 challenge) in 100 days of sketching for UX by Krisztina Szerovay, here is the documentation of this journey ...